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Pedro Luis Yturria Montenegro
Contribution To The Stackable Master Energy Program

The Professor Wojciech Grega from AGH in Poland is in the process of adding material in the Learnify under SA015

This contribution to the Stackable Master Energy Program is a course belonging to the "Subject Area": Smart Energy Systems, topic entitled: "Distributed Control Systems in Power Applications".

The course is planned for 9-10 modules, with an average "value" of 0.5 ECTS each.

It provides theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of IT systems dedicated for supporting thermal energy management in buildings.  Currently, they form an integral part of Smart Energy Systems and their importance is growing due to the urgent need to optimize energy consumption.

After studying the modules of this topic, the learner will understand the operation of such systems. She/he will be able to design the architecture of a distributed control system for building applications, including hardware and software components. Can also propose appropriate data transmission protocols and basic control algorithms.

We are grateful for this contribution to the project