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Pedro Luis Yturria Montenegro
AV Equipment Installation At Universidad Privada Boliviana

The EUBBC-Digital team from Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB-BOL), has developed and implemented the first remote laboratory in Bolivia, in the area of optical spectrometry.

We started to follow the actual internal purchasing procedure for the AV equipment based on the list of quotations resulting from WP6.2 (terms-of-reference for the AV equipment) for UPB-BOL.  Most of the items were purchased from local suppliers, whereas those that were not available locally or which price was lower from an international on-line e-commerce site (including transport and customs), were purchased and imported. Fig. 2 shows part of the AV equipment that was purchased.

AV equipment received at UPB-BOL

For the installation of the “AV System Kit” equipment, one classroom and one laboratory (Physics Laboratory) were selected to be equipped with the purchased AV devices. Fig. 4. shows the installation process of the AV equipment (Poly Studio HD camera, sound system, 3600 lumens projector, 27” monitor, desktop PC) in the classroom and laboratory.

Installation process of the AV equipment at the UPB-BOL.

shows the final installed AV equipment in the Physics Laboratory, where special furniture was procured to hold PC Desktop, Screen and the speakers control system.

Installed AV equipment in the Physics Laboratory at the UPB-BOL.

the final installed AV equipment in the Physics Laboratory with students performing experiments. The Poly Studio HD camera shown on the right of Fig. 6 includes a voice tracking system, allowing remotely connected students to see the teacher’s interactions during the lecture.

Installed Poly Studio HD camera and projector in the physics laboratory at UPB-BOL.

To ensure the visibility of the EUBBC-Digital project, we placed information plates In both the classroom and the laboratory that were equipped with the AV System Kits funded by the project. The information plates include the name and number of the project, the Erasmus+, the EUBBC-Digital, and all the project partner’s logos.

Laboratory environment  with the EUBBC-Digital project sign at UPB-BOL.

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