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The EUBBC-Digital project will innovatively and creatively (i) will provide access to information and communication technologies in the context of higher education (ii) , by addressing the "brain drain" challenge within a PILOT field (the energy transition sector) and (iii) , turn this into an opportunity from the introduction of educational resources and technological tools, related to online education in the partner countries. The educational resources created from the development of the project and the associated learning will allow the partners, in the medium term, to create educational programs of excellence and in the short term to improve the existing ones in their contexts.

The academic offerings of the EUBBC-Digital partners (i), is structured in modern repositories, each module being understood as a shared learning unit with a modern distribution mechanism for courses (ii) in the context of a society that is increasingly demanding innovation (iii), entrepreneurship and the management of digital competencies, however, the execution of the programs (iv) will keeping a national perspective, while recognizing international aspects, but highlighting or enhancing the country's strongest points of development.