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POLITEHNICA University of Bucuresti is the oldest and most prestigious engineering school in Romania. Its traditions are related to the establishment, in 1818, by Gheorghe Lazăr, of the first Higher Technical School with teaching in Romanian, at the Sfântul Sava monastery in Bucuresti. In 1832, it was reorganized into St. Sava College. On October 1, 1864, the "School of Bridges and Roads, Mines and Architecture" was established, which on October 30, 1867 became the "School of Bridges, Roads and Mines", with a duration of studies of 5 years. Under the leadership of Gheorghe Duca, on April 1, 1881, the institution acquired a new structure, under the name of "National School of Bridges and Roads"; on June 10, 1920, the Polytechnic School of Bucuresti was established, with four sections: Electromechanics, Construction, Mining and Metallurgy, Industrial Section. Since November 1920, the name has been changed to POLITEHNICA in Bucuresti. On August 3, 1948, the Polytechnic Institute of Bucuresti was established, which initially included 4 faculties and in which, since 1950, most of the current faculties have appeared. Based on the Senate resolution of November 1992, the Polytechnic Institute of Bucuresti became the POLYTECHNIC University of Bucuresti. Read More.....

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