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Pedro Luis Yturria Montenegro
Paper About The BridgeServer Presented At The STE 2024 Conference, Helsinki, Finland

The paper “Enhancing Accessibility for Real-Time Remote Laboratories: A Web-Based Solution with Automated Validation and Access Control” by Boris Pedraza, Alex Villazón, and Omar Ormachea, was presented at the 21st International Conference on Smart Technologies & Education (STE 2024) held at the Arcada University of Applied Sciences, in Helsinki, Finland (6-8 March 2024). 

The paper describes the design and implementation of the "BridgeServer", a mini web server that allows segure and transparent access to Remote Laboratories without the need of installing any thrid party software and without sharing passwords. 

The software described in the paper was deployed in several EUBBC-Digital partner institutions in Brazil, Cuba, and Bolivia. One important deployment described in the paper is the one at Universidade de Sao Paolo (USP), Brazil, which deployment is described in the paper. Many thanks to Alberto Hernandez Neto from USP to his help during the deployment. Also several universities from the sister EUSL-Energy Project are using the BridgServer in their remote labs.