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Paper At Proceedings Of The 20th International Conference On Remote Engineering And Virtual INstrumentation
Alberto Hernandez Neto, Marcelo Augusto Leal ALves, Silvio Carlos Anibal Almeida, Claudia Susie Camargo Rodirgues and David Castelo Branco

The present work describes the development of remote laboratories for teaching renewable energy courses. This paper presents the main characteristics of long-distance learning courses and the international scenario of e-learning. Based on the concepts presented, the use of remote didactical laboratories is analyzed in the context of Learnify which is an online learning platform. Such platform works as a repository of textbook, lessons, and modules to provide students with study assistance and problem-based education worldwide. Within the Learnify platform, two remote laboratories are described and analyzed: fuel cell and refrigeration /air conditioning systems. The description will provide the technical characteristics of each equipment used in the laboratory and the intended learning outcome in knowledge, skills and responsibility/autonomy that should be achieved by the students based on Bloom´s taxonomy.

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Alberto Hernandez Neto