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Work In Progress: A Booking System For Remote Laboratories – The EXPLORE Energy Digital Academy (EEDA) Case Study
Alex Villazón, Omar Ormachea, Angel Zenteno, Adriana Orellana, Torsten Fransson

Remote Laboratories are an important tool for digital education, allowing learners worldwide to get a close to real laboratory experimental experience. There is a large body of research in online and Remote Labs, but little attention has been given to defining a service ensuring exclusive access to remote laboratory equipment. Most Remote Labs do not check for exclusive access, thus allowing simultaneous users to interfere with each other. As such, existing systems are mostly for internal institutional use, not for global collaborative use with users from different institutions, countries, and time zones. This paper describes Book4RLab, a new general-purpose Booking System for Remote Labs, providing a secure and flexible interface for any Remote Lab to handle individual slot reservations. The Booking System requires only a small modification of existing server and client-side software. We describe the overall architecture and the Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API) to use the Booking System. As a case study, we describe its use in the context of the EXPLORE Energy Digital Academy (EEDA), a growing international network for open digital education programs in the energy area, where 14 Remote Labs are under development in 4 countries.

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